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Skincare Consultations 
with Joanna Fleming





After completing your skincare consultation form, you'll receive a detailed email response with advice about your current routine (with an AM & PM routine for Mon-Sun), any insights around your concerns, and recommended professional treatments.



Comprehensive Consult

via Zoom

After completing your skincare consultation form, you'll receive an email to schedule a 20-minute Zoom call with Joanna where she'll go through your routine, concerns, recommended treatments and discuss your revised routine or changes with you. You'll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your skin or new routine, and you'll receive an email after your Zoom call with all the information discussed.



Follow-Up Consult For Existing Clients

For those who've already completed a consultation previously, this consultation is designed to assist in adding/removing products from your routine, revising an existing routine after pregnancy/breastfeeding, to discuss new concerns or clarify any queries you have about your routine.

Joanna Fleming
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